Sony eReader to Hit Markets in August

July 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We heard, over the past few weeks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are putting up their e-readers out front. Joining the fray is the Japanese consumer electronics giant.

Sony is out to heat up the US biblio market with an upgraded Sony e-Reader. The company is planning to unveil their products before their tablet PCs, which are scheduled to come out sometime later this year.

Sony plans to incorporate its e-book technology into the two Android-based tablets, code-named S1 and S2, and will offer both software and hardware enhancements. The announcements were made by Phil Lubell, Sony Electronics’ vice president of digital reading.

The dual-screen S2 Android would be shipped out by AT&T, in time of the new school season. Sony’s tablets are said to receive a software update later this year and this will be done with the support of the company’s e-Reader bookstore and software.

The new upgraded readers are expected to grace the markets in August and as Sony’s Reader products cost between $180 and $300, we expect the new arrivals to cost around the same.

Amazon’s Kindle is out for $114 while Barnes & Noble’s All new NOOK has a tag of $139, so if Sony is to compete with them, it might need to shell down the price a little.

Sony has not divulged anything about the specs or price though, and if indeed the price range is going to hover a little above the ground, we hope the Readers come packed with good offerings to make it worth.

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