Apple iPhone 5 Reportedly in the Hands of Beta Testers

July 15, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember our talk on the next generation iPhone? Well, we hear it has been handed out for testing to 3rd party beta testers.

The iPhone 5 is supposedly in the hands of AT&T beta testers and they were, it seems, handed the device on July 6th. Rumors are gathering cream on what the new generation iPhone will pack under the hood.

It’s supposed to carry a dual-core processor with iOS 5, larger screen, thinner design and possibly greater storage.But so many speculations are running wild, and each has got a different feature to name, and as we have no confirmation to any specific details on the phone, we have no clue to what it will bring. The only confirmed report so far has been regarding the beta testing.

We have heard that they are running tests on signal reception, connectivity and plenty others. The testers have been given a dummy version of the iPhone 5 so that they can run the tests. As soon as the beta testing is over, Apple can give orders to the parts-suppliers and begin manufacturing and shipping.

Last year, at the WWDC 2010, iPhone 4 was given an introduction, so we hoped Cupertino would give us a clue on the latest model during this year’s WWDC. But that was not to be. This year was a software year at the WWDC.

It was the Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud that gained an introduction. Apple didn’t even whisper about their plans on launching the iPhone5.

But since there is news about Apple handing over the iPhone to testers, maybe they are planning for a release soon. If that’s the case, we can hope that Apple’s September Music Event might get nudged further up the calendar for the iPhone 5 to make an entry.

Let’s hope we get some leaked images or details to follow through soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

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