First Screenshots from Battlefield 3’s Battlelog

July 14, 2011, By Christian Davis

Just like Call of Duty’s Elite service, Battlefield 3 players will have their own social networking service called Battlelog. You can expect this to become a trend with many first person shooters in the future and that’s not a bad thing. The inclusion of a social network within the game is a great way to keep players together especially when it comes to clans and competitive gamers.

The images of the Battlelog was originally posted on the German Battlefield Blog-was then pulled, but thankfully Battlefieldo got a hold of the screenshots first. The Battlelog has some similarities with Call of Duty Elite, but there are definitely some differences. The first thing we noticed was the inclusion of the in game chat which allows you to even join your friends playing though the chat. The look of the Battlelog differs from Elite as well(white rather than black) and also appears to have some sort of connection to older Battlefield games; showing off their player history with past titles.

There’s your standard information as well. Rank, latest medals,  hours played, kill/death ratio,  player accuracy, experience progress and a lot more. This is only our first glimpse at the Battlelog and it already looks fantastic. Battlefield 3 ships out in October on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3,  and PC.

Which do you like more Call of Duty Elite or Battlelog? Let us know in the comments.

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