Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Not Coming to Tablets; Wait for Win 8 to Bring in a Tablet-Friendly Interface

July 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Oh, My! Did you hear that? If you ever thought Windows Phone 7 will come to tablets at some point of time, you are thoroughly mistaken. For, Microsoft has no such plans whatsoever. The company has said Windows Phone 7 on tablets is not a possibility at any point in the future.  But then, don’t worry too much. We all hope that Microsoft’s Windows 8 will feature a tablet friendly user interface.

Andy Lees

The only issue there is that we may have to wait for Windows 8 to come till end of 2012.  Going by what Microsoft’s Windows Phone president, Andy Lees, said at the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference, Windows Phone 7 on tablets is a No. Wonder why? The reason Lees stated is that Microsoft sees the tablet as a PC rather than just a mobile device. In his own words: “We view a tablet as a PC.”

So instead of burning all those midnight oil to see Windows 7 thrown in on to your tablets, you better adjust the clock further ahead for 2012 to end. By then, the launch of Windows 8 will happen, and you might get what you want.

Those who have been looking closely at the development terrain would know that Windows 8 borrows heavily from Windows Phone 7’s tile-based interface. It also has an app store too being constructed.

We guess will wait to see Windows Phone 8 come unto us, and in the meantime also forget getting our tablets Windows 7-driven. What do you think?

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