First Screenshot For Dishonored has Sword and Gun Play

July 12, 2011, By Christian Davis

Bethesda and Arkane’s new IP Dishonored has really had us wondering what exactly it was. The cover story for the latest Game Informer shows this cryptic world that’s shrouded in mystery. Shortly after, we’ve got the first screenshot and it couldn’t be more different than the cover.

The screenshot above is our first look at Dishonored. Now feel free to compare the cover picture and the screenshot. Almost night and day. What we thought would be this futuristic world, turns out to be this victorian, steam punkish style of game. Thankfully we’ve got a bunch of information about the game including it’s setting, who the protagonist is and a whole lot more.

Dishonored is already setting itself apart by having a “chaos” system. Rather than the normal good/evil meter, the chaos system causes the game to react to how violent you are; tracking how much collateral damage you cause and in turn, changing the world.

It’s a first person assassination game and you take control of Corvo, a man who was falsely imprisoned for the murder of the Empress he was trying to protect. The corrupt Lord Regent is behind the crime and though he imprisoned the legendary Corvo, he doesn’t know why he is legendary. Corvo is skilled in the art of not being seen and also has a plethora of supernatural powers that merge with his natural talents and bizarre gadgets which will make him a formidable foe to those who oppose him.

For more info on Dishonored, head over to GameInformer’s write up for all the details.

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