Sony’s Welcome Back Package is Having Problems in Europe

July 11, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

The hacks are finally over for Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) and everything is back on schedule. If you have PlayStation Plus and you reside in Europe than you are still running in to some minor technical difficulties that should be fixed within the next few days.

Sony’s Welcome Back Program didn’t end in United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand causing their PSN to become unstable. If you go in to your PSN you will notice that certain content is being delayed that was part of the Welcome Back Program.

I just wanted to let you know that we are aware of the problem that Welcome Back PlayStation Plus Users are having and are working to get this fixed ASAP. Currently, the Welcome Back offer is not expiring and so those that have purchased a full Plus membership are not able to access the full Plus content. This issue is the cause of many of the other problems you have reported here on the blog, such as new content not showing up in the Store as expected.

We are working on this problem now as a matter of priority and expect customers to see this fixed over the next few days.

-James Thorpe PlayStation Network Product Manager.


Hopefully Sony can get their online service back on track and handle some of these minor issues that seem to be popping up.

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