Mortal Kombat’s Rain Will Decapitate You With Water

July 11, 2011, By Christian Davis

NeatherRealm Studios has been releasing a steady stream of downloadable kombatants for the recently released and very fun Mortal Kombat. Literally making a splash into the game, the purple ninja Rain is back and is ready to destroy everyone in his path.

Like his name states, Rain can use the elements of rain to disembowel his foes. That includes lighting, teleporting into a stream of water behind you, shooting high speed balls of water, and a whole lot more that you need to watch out for.

The video we have below shows several combos that players can execute with Rain and even shows a glimpse from both of his fatalities. One has a character fill up with water in a fashion not too dissimilar from Violet in Willy Wonka (the original, not that Johnny Depp mistake) and the other has Rain creating a sword out of rain and is about to remove to useless limbs off a fallen ninja.

Rain will be available on July 19th. Prince jokes aside, he’s another great addition to the game. Skarlett and Kenshi are already released and with the announcement of Rain, there’s only one more unknown character to be released in the game.

Let us know who you think it could be after you check out the video.

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