Kickstarter Move Helps You Move Around with Your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Hands-Free [Video]

July 11, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever felt the need for an iPod holder as you go about doing your regular bit of jogging and other daily stuff. Wearing the gadget in your pocket has proved to be a hindrance many a time right? Here’s a solution. Welcome to the world of ‘Move’.

Move is basically an accessory you would want to flaunt. It lets you attach your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch anywhere you want on your attire. The best part abut the device is that it comes with absolutely no straps, clips or magnets required. Once you wear it, only the screen of your iPhone 4 or iPod touch will be visible.

Wondering how you would Move to play? Read on: All you need to do is place the Move anywhere on your shirt that you are going to wear.

Make sure you position the device where you want your iPhone4 or iPod Touch screen to appear.  Secure your iPhone4 or iPod Touch by snapping it into the Move. And, you are done.

If you are planning to go walking, jogging or biking, you can now think of listening to your favorite music without even knowing from where the music flows into your ears.

You just need to attach your iPhone 4 or iPod touch to either the upper arm of your shirt or near your waist with your headphones and you will have quick access to your iTunes music library and phone where ever you go.

If you are at concert or a sporting event, you can also record videos hands free. Other uses range from using the gadget as a GPS device while driving, accessing reference material when sightseeing, rushing through recipes while cooking and also accessing notes during presentations.

Currently a project from Kickstarter, the device could need up to $25,000 to get to production stage. We tend to think, the device could retail for around $25 when it actually arrives.

So gear up for something you always wanted to have. You can look through Kickstarter here for more on the project. Also, hit the play button below and tell us if you find it good.

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