Glitchers Brought in to Test Modern Warfare 3’s Multiplayer

July 11, 2011, By Christian Davis

Remember the care package glitch or the Javelin glitch in Modern Warfare 2 that plagued the gameplayof Infinity Ward’s shooter for so many players? Don’t expect that to happen again this time. Infinity Ward is really trying hard to make the multiplayer experience as smooth as possible this time around with the help of those are probably found the glitches in the first place.

mapMonkeys are a group of gamers who dedicate themselves to finding glitches and exploits in videogames. They’ve been brought on again to help Infinity Ward with Modern Warfare 3. As stated above, the mapMonkeys have been used before in the past specifically with Call of Duty: World at War and Modern Warfare 2.

Those games were still filled with glitches and exploits but it’s not due to their lack of work, rather the time they had to fully test out the game. “We only had two or three days to test the game and find glitches, which wasn’t nearly enough time,” Rezzzo, the mapMonkey leader says. “This time, Infinity Ward is keeping us there an entire week so we can find more bugs and glitches than ever before!”

It’s ironic since this group is dedicated to finding and sharing these glitches with the gamers who just aren’t good enough to play fair. Though this is an “opportunity they couldn’t pass up” and I agree.

Head over to the mapMonkeys forum to read more about the testing. Using cheaters to catch cheaters. That’s cold.

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