DC Universe Online gets Green Lantern Expansion

July 11, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

DC Universe Online released earlier this year in January and has seen plenty of updates since then. This is arguably the most successful MMO that has ever been on a console. Although there has been plenty of title updates DC Universe Online is set to release their first big downloadable content pack that features The Lantern Corps.


The downloadable pack is entitled “Fight for the Light” and features new power-ups for heroes and villains, along with some new Lanterns including Kyle Raner, Sinestro, and Guy Gardener.

The central focus of “Fight for the Light” is the use of Light powers which are wielded by the Green Lantern Corps throughout the universe. Heroes can utilize these powers, making them stronger on the battlefield, while villains can take advantage of the Yellow Corps and instil the power of fear in to weaker foes making themselves stronger.


“The majority of the game’s new content will be broken up into four areas. Three will be made specifically for four-players teams, while the fourth will only be for two players. Star Labs is playable by both teams, as heroes and villains fight their way through a series of enemies and wrap up the Green Lantern story arc. In addition, Coast City, the home of Hal Jordan, will also be available to play in, with a series of missions, raids and an encounter with Red Lanterns as led by Atrocitus. Last but not least, the home world of the Lanterns, Oa, will be introduced. Here, a prison break will take place, and players can either stop the prisoners from escaping or aid them to freedom.”

The “Fight for the Light” pack will be available later this summer for both pc and PlayStation 3 at $9.99. Sony Online Entertainment has also stated that there will be more packs releasing later on in the next available months.

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