Battlefield 3 Not Coming to Steam?

July 11, 2011, By Christian Davis

If you’re a big PC gamer odds are you probably use Valve’s Steam service. Over the weekend, EA published a list of digital retailers that would be selling Battlefield 3 pre-orders. There were a lot, but the most popular, Steam, was noticeably absent.

Many believe that due to a relationship change between Valve and EA, players may not be able to pre-order EA’s titles from the Steam service, though that may not necessarily be the case. For example, EA’s Alice: Madness Returns wasn’t available as a pre-order through Steam, but once the games release date was here, the game was on available via Valve’s service.

It could be the same case with Battlefield 3. No pre-ordering, but it will be available on it’s release date. It wouldn’t be the best idea on Steam’s part to completely remove one of the biggest titles of the year from their service, though, if EA was really trying to push Origins, their online gaming service, then maybe keeping it exclusive solely to their service would be a wise business move.

What do you think? Is Steam to inhered in our computer gaming for a title to be successful without it?

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