Interview with Dead Island Developer Peter Brolly

July 10, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Dead Island is arguably one of the years most anticipated titles. Everyone has questions for Deep Silver and Techland about how this zombie infested island will stack up against other well rounded zombie franchises out there such as Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising.

Dead Island is not a Left 4 Dead clone. It’s a zombie game that has taken a new direction. Dead Island can be classified as an open world FPS action adventure with rpg elements. Weapons will deteriorate but can be repaired with work benches, talent trees will be available to the four different characters, and you can even craft your own weapons to help you survive against the zombie apocalypse. Most of the weapons in Dead Island are focused mainly around melee since finding guns on an island resort are highly unlikely.

Dead Island will have your typical George A. Romero slow zombies but you will also have some special breeds of the infected. “The Suicider” has large boils all over it’s body, “The Ram” is a large man in a straight jacket with a mask covering his face, and others that have not been fully revealed yet.

Dead Island is set to release September 9, 2011. Watch the video below to get a closer look at Dead Island.

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