Storm8 Offers Three New Games for Android

July 9, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android mobiles are certainly not lacking in games. They are getting a deluge of games periodically from the top developers of game world. And this time it’s Storm8 who has gifted Android with three new games.

The release of these latest games would bring Storm8’s tally of titles to 13: the number of titles the mobile game company has on Google’s mobile operating system. The recent titles, namely City Story, Fashion Story and Zoo Story, are simple simulation and role-playing games which look graphically similar to other available mobile games.

The California based company has a strong gaming backbone with more than 210 million downloads, 5 billion play sessions, and 18 billion minutes of games played. Daily servings of 200 billion meals, daily sale of four billion items and 100 million crops being planted daily shows the high revenue prospects for Storm8. Moreover its games on Android are free-to-play titles, where users play for free but pay real money for virtual goods.

City Story, Fashion Story and Zoo Story were created by the company’s TeamLava internal game development studio, and even though they were released a few weeks back on Android, the company only made its formal announcement a few hours back.

The free-to-play business model accounts for 65% of the revenue from the top 100 grossing games in the App Store in the U.S. Mobile analytics firm Flurry’s survey points out that in early January, only 39 percent of the revenue from the top 100 games were free-to-play.

The company was said to gain its first $1 million revenue day earlier this month. Since integrating in-app purchases on its Android titles a year ago, Storm8 has seen a 60 percent increase in Android revenue.

Within a year, Storm8’s user base has grown by 300 percent, with their every released title reaching the Apple App Store’s top ten list. Top titles include iMobsters, World War, and Vampires Live. Internally produced titles include Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, and Fashion Story.

The games are social and customizable and their good graphics quality, they have raised Storm8’s success and profits high up. With 50 employees in the company, Storm8 races with rivals such as Zynga, Pocket Gems, Electronic Arts, and TinyCo.

But with the high level of professionalism they keep in their games, we are pretty sure they can hold out against the rivals of game world.

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