Modern Warfare 3 is Color Blind Friendly

July 8, 2011, By Christian Davis

Sledgehammer Games confirmed that it’s Infinity Ward collaboration would have a mode for those that have problems differentiating between red and blue hues. Even though only eight percent of men and 0.5 percent of women suffer from this, it’s nice that they’re still included.

There aren’t many details listed in the blog post explaining how but now your color blind friends have no excuse for shooting you in the back. To design something like this, you can imagine players will receive alternate colors for the game as they did with Treyarch’s Black Ops.

Though they could do something else and have large though bubbles above each opponent’s head stating “Shoot Me” but that would be silly. This is something that really shouldn’t be overlooked however and more games should have this implemented especially with gaming being such a massive part of our culture now.

Here’s a question, with a game such as Guitar Hero that is heavily dependent on colo, should this have been implemented much sooner and on a broader scale? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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