Home Media Centers and High Speed Internet

July 8, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There are plenty of good reasons to have high speed Internet at home, from online gaming to taking advantage of Skype, but in particular you can take advantage of the high speeds and bandwidth to enjoy multimedia content on any media center that you own!

Whether you have a custom built media center, a device purchased from an electronics store or you use a PS3 or an Xbox 360 to enjoy videos and music streamed around your home network, this same hardware can be connected to the web to enjoy the benefits of a high-speed connection.

A multitude of services are available from high definition streamed TV on YouTube and Hulu to online rentals with several other media-focused websites.

Home Media Centers and high speed Internet

The best thing about all of this is that it is so easy to setup. All you need to do is attach a network cable from your router to your media center or take advantage of any available wireless connectivity and the pleasures of the web are ready for you to enjoy!

Watching TV Shows and Movies Online

Some content that you find online will be free; other content will cost you a small fee. As a general rule of thumb, new movies and TV shows will require you to purchase the right to watch them; this is something that happens on iTunes, and if your media center is based on a Windows or Apple computer then this will be a popular choice.

TV shows can also be found on the websites of major broadcasters (such as the BBC or BBC America) and services such as Hulu. Additionally, YouTube makes various classic TV shows available to watch in their entirety.

You won’t just be restricted to streamed TV, however. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy movies on the web, with Yidio offering movies streamed to your computer for free (using an ad-supported model). Blinkbox is another option for movies, and here you will find free and premium movies that can be viewed in high quality over the web.

Streamed Audio with Spotify, Last.fm, Pandora

If music is more your thing, however, the choices aren’t limited to YouTube music videos. Instead, using a media center equipped with a browser or a games console with suitable apps available (such as Xbox 360 and Last.fm) you can take advantage of a fast Internet connection to stream audio from some of the web’s best music websites to your home.

In the USA, Pandora is a popular choice for streamed music, creating a playlist for you based on previous tracks that you have listened to. In the UK, Last.fm works in a very similar way, and both tools feature heavy social aspects.

Meanwhile, Spotify is also a good option, and this European-based service, which allows you to pick your own playlist, is soon set to arrive in the USA.

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