How High Speed Internet Can Save You Money

July 7, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Anyone with a high speed Internet connection will know that for the best service and bandwidth, a bif of money is required to deliver superfast data to your computer.

Whether you got your router and cabling as part of a package or your purchased these after the high speed link was installed, you will still have quite a financial outlay, so it is just as well that having a fast Internet connection into your home can save you plenty of money.

Save money with high speed internet

Thanks to the Internet, we now have access to streaming media, online games and improved communications, all of which can be used to cut back on spending in other areas. If you’re interested in saving money to pay for your new Internet connection, read on!

Telephony Savings

Probably the most obvious place in which you can save money is on telephony. While your broadband connection is probably provided by a telephony provider, their per-call price might be higher than you would like.

An easy way around this for anyone who uses the phone regularly is to take advantage of web based communications, whether this is via email or instant messenger, or by using Skype, the popular text, voice and webcam chat client. While your contacts can be on Skype for you to be able to contact them, this isn’t by any means a necessity, as the service offers call packages that will allow you to call the landlines and mobile phones of friends, family and contacts on the other side of the world for a little over 1c per minute!

Cutback on DVD/Blu-ray Rentals

If you’re a fan of movies, you don’t need to be heading to the cinema every night or dropping in at Blockbusters on the way home as there are plenty of ways to legally avoid spending money on movies and TV shows.

While there are online streaming sites such as Hulu that charge a subscription (a useful option if you have a media center connected to the web) there are also various free services, not least YouTube which offers a good variety of free content courtesy of the different channels provided by major broadcasters.

Meanwhile, standalone sites such as Yidio offer current and classic TV shows and movies, often supported by adverts.

Play Free Games Online

There is also no need to spend money on games from popular chains or even via online networks such as Games for Windows or Steam – many online games are free and offer a variety of gaming experiences from massively multiplayer online games to typical single player racing games. You will probably find that there is even a way to enjoy some retro classics in your browser, avoiding the need to download any additional software!

Old games such as Super Mario World, Quake and even Doom are available free as browser games, allowing you to relive some 8- and 16-bit classics!

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