Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary getting Full Orchestral Score

July 7, 2011, By Christian Davis

Pyramind Studios and 343 Industries is really trying to recreate the experience we had many years ago with Halo: Combat Evolved. So much so, that the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will have a full orchestral score to go with it.

Led by Pyramind Studios’ COO/Audio Director Paul Lipson and Microsoft Studios’ Senior Audio Director Kristofor Mellroth, the soundtrack from Halo: Combat Evolved will be remastered for the upcoming title slated to be released November 15th of this year.

“It was a huge undertaking to transcribe, orchestrate, and produce every note from theoriginal game soundtrack files” said Lipson, Pyramind Studios COO/Audio Director. “Ourteam approached every aspect of the music with an immense amount of skill and care,keeping the core Halo sound while updating the production to today’s highest standards.”

Melroth agrees stating that this was a completely new orchestration, not just a remaster and should serve as the ultimate love letter to Halo fans. It would definitely look that way especially with brand new guitar performances by Bryan Dale and singers from Chanticleer performing the signature Halo Monks choral melodies.

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