Spending on Games Topping $74 billion in 2011

July 6, 2011, By Christian Davis

Today, videogames are one of the greatest form of media. What use to be seen as a fad early on, is literally a part of every day life whether you’re a gamer or not. If that’s not obvious to you now, then it should be this year. A report from Gartner Inc. suggests that gamers will spend more than $74 billion on games this year, which is an increase of 10 percent from 2010 which was $67 billion.

Why the increase? The rise in tablets and smartphones, at least partly, have had an affect on the annual revenue. When people purchase these tablets and phones, one of the first things they do is search for games such as Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. Most of the increase is from the purchase of software and with all of these great games coming out, that’s no surprise.

“Mobile games are the most downloaded application category across most application stores,” says principal research analyst Tuong Nguyen. “For this reason, mobile gaming will continue to thrive as more consumers expand their use of new and innovative portable connected devices.”

The firm tracked games across all categories and ended up having online and social gaming being the least profitable, but they expect that to change drastically in the upcoming years. According to their predictions, online gaming will see a 27 percent increase annually until 2015. By 2015, they expect gamers to spend $112 billion on games annually.

For the full report, head over to Gartner.com. You’ll have to create an account to view.


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