Watch YouTube Clips on Your Android Tablet

July 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

There is no better way to enjoy to a tablet computer than to sit in a café or garden and enjoy streamed content on YouTube. Thanks to the provision of Flash player on Android Honeycomb devices this is made particularly easy, but best of all is the YouTube widget which can be used to search and enjoy the popular video-sharing website.

With such a vast selection of videos available on YouTube, the options are considerable. There is more to the service than just pop videos and movie trailers, for instance; how to guides and user-contributed documentaries, video logs and clips from concerts and other events all vie for your attention, alongside the streamed TV shows provided by various major broadcasters.

Watch YouTube clips on yoru Android Honeycomb tablet

Benefits of Accessing YouTube on a Portable Device

If you haven’t yet viewed any YouTube clips on your tablet computer, you may be surprised to learn that accessing it in this way is arguably more effective and useful than viewing clips on a computer. After all, with a computer (and to some extent a laptop) you are restricted to your desk or a suitable service. Not so with a tablet, however, allowing you to find useful user guides on all manner of subjects from gardening to DIY to car maintenance to cooking and apply them to your current needs.

All you would need to do in these situations is position the tablet with its stand in a suitable position. Your tablet should not only be within range of your wireless router or in a position of strong 3G signal strength, but also within easy viewing of the project you want assistance with. Take necessary precautions to protect your hardware, too, such as avoiding splashing hot fat on it if viewing an instructional cookery video.

YouTube on Android Honeycomb

Streaming content on YouTube can be accessed on a Honeycomb device via Apps > YouTube, where you can find any number of new and older clips tailored for you when you first open it. The clips are tailored to you based on your previous viewing, and require your Google account to access this history.

When you open the YouTube app for Honeycomb, a wall of video clips will be presented, and you can simply tap any of these to start viewing; alternatively you might use the Browse tool or view Your Channel if you have several clips that you have previously uploaded. The standard text Search tool can also be used, meanwhile, as can Voice Search.  To playback a video clip, simply select it, where you will be taken to a screen where the clip is played back alongside Related videos that you might opt to choose later on. Comments can also be left, you can tap the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” options to say whether or not you liked the video clip, and you can even view the movie in high quality and full screen mode!

Finally, Honeycomb also features a YouTube widget, which can be added to your Home screen in the usual way.

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