Voice Search on Honeycomb Tablets

July 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Users of the new Android Honeycomb operating system for tablets will probably be aware of the Google Voice Search tool, which is integrated into the platform and offers a hands-free method of searching the web.

Available via each of the Home screens (and found in the top left corner alongside the standard text search tool) activating voice search is very simple, and its integration is such that it appears in other native/Google apps.

Offering great text recognition and search results, the Google Voice Search makes searching very easy to use, something that is particularly useful in a hands-free situation, for instance.

Honeycomb Google Voice Search

Using Google Voice Search

You won’t believe just how simple this tool is to use: simply tap the Home button on your Honeycomb tablet to confirm that you can see Google Voice Search and then tap the microphone icon. Doing so will open a new screen with the legend “Speak now”, and using your Honeycomb device microphone the tablet will detect your search phrase, translate it to text and then search Google for results, which are displayed in the browser.

Voice search options are also available from within the browser by pressing the search button (a magnifying glass) and then the microphone icon again, and then use your voice to search for the information you’re looking for!

Google Voice Search Elsewhere in Android Honeycomb

As well as being able to launch Google Voice Search directly via the Apps menu, there are several other apps that take advantage of it. Google Maps, for instance, has integration with the system, which means that all you need to do is tap the microphone icon, utter the name of a city that you want to view and your tablet will do the rest!

Meanwhile, the Android Market also offers voice search, accessed this time by tapping into the search field at the top of the screen and utilizing the microphone button on the software keyboard, which should appear when you tap the search field.

Additionally, the YouTube app features Google Voice Search integration, something that can help in the task of finding the right video clip.

The Future of Google Voice Search

Clearly there are particular reasons for Google Voice Search being integrated in this way, but the most important has to be for Google to assess how well it performs, how often it is used and how they can capitalize on it in future. The technology is certainly successful and has already migrated from mobiles and tablets to desktop computers.

It seems likely that Google will be looking at voice search as a key element of their future development, something that reduces even further the time it takes to find the right information on the web!

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