Using the Honeycomb Tablet Email App

July 5, 2011, By Christian Cawley

With a new Honeycomb tablet in your possession, one of the first things that you will want to do is setup an email account, and this is made very easy with the native email app. Ideal for non-Gmail accounts (Google’s own email system has its own native app) you can use the Email tool, launched via the Apps list, to connect to all manner of personal, corporate and ISP-managed email accounts.

Split into an easy-to-use view, the user interface is very simple to deal with. The initial layout features folders on the left pane and a larger, right-hand pane which lists all of the messages in that folder. Tapping a message will display its contents in the right-hand pane, with the rest of the messages from the same folder listed in the left-hand pane!

Various shortcut buttons are also available, but the one you will need to get started with can be found via the menu in the top right corner – use Account Settings > Add account to setup your preferred email account.

Using Android Honeycomb tablet email client

Configuring Your Account

In most cases the email account should setup automatically, with the email app referring to a vast library of servers and port numbers in order to gain access. As long as you have input the correct username and password everything should run smoothly; if not, you will need to check the settings provided by the email administrator and add them in manually via Account Settings > Server Settings.

Other email options are also available, such as displaying how your name appears, creation of signatures and the frequency of your checks for new email messages.

If you have multiple accounts setup, meanwhile, you can change which of them should be considered the default for sending messages. This is done by selecting the account on the left an then checking the Default account box.

Sending Emails on Honeycomb

With the configuration of your account finalised, you will be ready to start creating, sending and receiving emails. With the email client open, all you need to do is tap the new message icon (an envelope with a + symbol in the corner). In the To: field enter the details of the recipient (either the full email address or the name from your contacts list) and a subject. Cc/Bcc names can be added, as can attachments, by tapping the appropriate buttons.

A message can then be typed, and you can keep a copy as you go by tapping Save draft in the top right corner; there is also a trash button here to discard the message. When you’re ready to Send your email, you’ll also find the button for this in the top right of the screen.

Replying to and forwarding messages is easily done while you have the email in question open. In the reading pane you will see the sender and their email address listed in a blue bar, and on the right of this you will see three buttons, Reply (a single left-facing arrow), Reply to all (several left-facing arrows) and Forward (a single right-facing arrow). Simply tapping these will allow you to reply to or redistribute the message.

Finally, you can manage your inbox by sorting messages into folders. This is done by opening a message and selecting the Move button (decorated with a folder icon) at the top of the screen, allowing you to select a new folder for the message to be stored in!

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