Cheap Mobile Calls with Tru App for Android

July 4, 2011, By Christian Cawley

While you might be happy enough using Skype on your PC or Mac, you might like to take that capability with you when you’re out and about, travelling on a train or simply meeting friends. While there are mobile versions of Skype, there are also plenty of alternatives, and one of the most popular is Tru App (previously known as Truphone) for iPhone and Android. This app allows you to make Voice Over IP calls via your mobile phone, thereby allowing you to save money on the cost of calls (although of course if you don’t have a generous mobile data plan, the savings may develop into expenses!).

Specifically we’re looking here at the Android version of Tru App, although the iPhone release shares virtually all of the same features.

Android users can find Tru App in the Market, available for free. When you first run the software you will need to provide a username, password and email address in order to Create New Account. Note that on some devices a compatibility warning will be displayed. The chances are that if you have made it this far, you will be able to proceed, although check the Android Market for full details for your particular device.

Cheap mobile calls with Tru App for Android

Making Calls with Tru App

Thanks to its mobile phone-style keypad, Tru App is very easy to use, allowing you to quickly dial a number or call someone from your contacts list. Calls are routed via the Internet, allowing you to keep call costs down, and as a bonus from time to time free credit is awarded to new signups!

The user interface is pretty much what you might expect from your standard mobile phone UI, with big, easy to press numbers and a notice informing you of your remaining credit in the bottom corner of the screen. You will also notice that a Call Log lets you quickly check who you have already called!

Use of Tru App is most effective via Wi-Fi, although users with a generous mobile data plan may gain some advantage in this area.

Chat with Tru App

In addition to existing Tru App users that you might have as friends, or making calls to landlines, you are also able to contact users of Skype and Google Talk. Clearly this offers a great opportunity to unify several online chat clients into one useful app, although note that this feature is also available for text chat rather than voice chat.

You can start instant messaging friends on these chat networks by tapping More > IM. Contacts can be added using the Services tab, which requires you to set an IM Service (such as Skype) and your username and password for that service in order to import your contacts. With this set up, flip back to the IM tab and select a contact to chat with!

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