Sony PS Vita Demo Applauded for SmartAR Application in Gaming [Video]

July 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know, the Sony PS Vita takes gaming to a new level with augmented reality? The portable console’s front-facing camera can be used for face-recognition and tracking purposes. It can detect minute details of your movement which then turns your avatar on screen copies. Movements like eye-blinking and eyebrow twitches can be detected and tracked onto screen for a more lifelike animation.


Sony held a demonstration of the console’s capabilities, which was filmed by Siliconera. During the demo, two people having video chat were shown on screen with their virtual avatars. Each of the user’s movements from head, mouth and eye were tracked by the console and the avatar on screen was seen copying those movements to the last detail.

Granted, head-tracking has been done before, but the detection of eye-blinking and eyebrow twitches are a new development which contributes to a more enhanced virtual gaming experience.

Folks at 4gamer feel (translation needed if you are heading there) the software was merely a demonstration of the power of the Vita’s abilities and its potential in augmented reality (AR) gaming. They also brushed aside comments referring to the video calling app as the final use of the technology.

According to Sony’s Yoshikatsu Kanemaru, the Vita can recognize object and people in lieu of specific glyphs that need AR system for identification and tracking and can have computer-generated graphics overlaid.

Sony had previously done the SmartAR research in cameras which can track and detect unique elements -such as posters, magazines or more complex forms, like body outlines. This same technology is applied in the Vita.

More techno upgrades improve gaming experience and keeps PlayStation’s stay on the higher pedestal secure. This new AR technology in Vita has us itching to try it out. We know you do too.

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