Learn a Little About the New Mortal Kombat Character Kenshi

July 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

The second character for the latest Mortal Kombat character is going to be here in only a matter of days. The blind swordsman Kenshi is here to become another faithful addition to the growing Mortal Kombat roster.

Like all previous character vignettes, this video goes into the history of the character and how they came to enter the tournament. This video shows how Kenshi acquired his signature sword and how he lost his eyesight to the trickery of the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung.

You see a bit of gameplay and a glimpse at his fatality which is just a brutal and graphic as the others. In case you were wondering, yes, his sword is definitely part of this Fatality.

There are four characters on the way and one is already released. The bloodied ninja Skarlet is already available and Kenshi will be available on July 5th. Rain is coming after and then there’s an unannounced character who’s silhouetted at the end of the video.

Who could it be? Let us know who you think in it is in the comments after you watch the video below.

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