Free Team Fortress 2 Players Can’t Play in Every Game Thanks to Other Players

July 1, 2011, By Christian Davis

Though Team Fortress 2 has gone free to play, not all players are truly appreciative of it. So much that they’ve even created their own script to stop the new free to play players from entering their game.

The few disgruntles fans have created a script that allows their server to filter out the the players with the free to play copies and only allows those who purchased the game to enter.

This is however a very rare case and won’t affect many of you out there. The script does have a purpose in a strange way though. Supposedly, it’s being used by gamers  concerned that the free copies will allow cheaters to return to the servers after being banned since players no longer have to  buy a new copy of the game.

It makes sense, it just seems like some players are upset that they payed for the game and they could have waited to get it for free. It would have been a four year wait, but free is free right?

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