Motorola Droid HD Fills Tech Space; Flickr Photo Triggers Speculations

June 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Are we in for some HD extravaganza from the house of Moto? We know you aren’t convinced as to how true this could be. To be really frank, that’s exactly we too tend to think. However, a Flickr picture now doing the rounds gives us some thing to chew on and makes us think deeper into such a possibility.

The image posted above sports the credit tag: “…using a Motorola Droid HD”. Now, it is indeed surprising to even think that a Droid HD was around, and no one knew about it. At least a few among us feel this could be some prank played by the person who typed down that tag, it would be imperative to take a look at what is happening in the Moto stables. On closer look, we get to see not just one but different pictures of the same genre – clicked using the Droid 3 too.

Further, what gives some authenticity is the fact that the photos have been geo-tagged from within Motorola’s offices in Libertyville, IL.

All said, we are still clueless as to whether the device that has been used to snap up the pictures is for real!

Speculations talk of the possibility of the device to be the new Bionic model too. The pictures tell us the story of a bigger HD display.  Do you think the picture has been clicked by a Bionic model or just another prank played on you?  Tell us what you feel.

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