HP Licensing webOS to Other Companies; Samsung Said to be One of Them

June 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Did you know this was coming? Well, Hewlett-Packard is all set to license their webOS mobile software to other smartphone and tablet makers. We hear the company is already in parleys with different players with this goal in mind.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker spoke to Bloomberg on this plan, but has not been very forthcoming on details. He has been quoted as saying:

“We are talking to a number of companies…. I can share with you that a number of companies have expressed interest. We are continuing our conversations.”

Now that means confirmation, doesn’t it?  With the info flowing in, speculations as to who all the company is in talks with are also flying thick and fast. One company being mentioned is Samsung.

HP’s new move would open new avenues to manufacturers so that they can choose their preferred mobile OS from among the heap that consists of Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone 7. One question that arises here is how HPO will be geared up to position their own devices when other players would soon bring in theirs that run webOS. We will have to wait to see what’s on that front. All we can say now is that the scenario appears interesting.

HP’s plan makes us look forward to see who all will be the ones that will bring on the webOS running smart devices in the near future. Without doubt, the ones who will opt for the HP mobile OS will be looking to take Apple’s dominance head on. We just need to wait to see what Apple will bring on as a counter to such an attack. Stay tuned.

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