Pope Tweets History on an Apple iPad [Video]

June 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

“As thou tweet, so shall thou reply”….Amen. Twitter has just been blessed by His Holiness’s presence. With a tweet that will be recorded in the annals of history, The Pope has blessed the world through the Vatican’s news account (News.va).

The tweet, which announced the launch of a news information portal, was sent using Twitter on an iPad.

Pope Benedict XVI was seen tapping away on an iPad yesterday, during the launch (see video below).

Now you are wondering if the Pope uses an iPad! For sure He does. Or at least He has access to one; considering it is, technologically, the easiest way of reaching the masses.

Thaddeus Jones, project coordinator and an official with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, was heard describing The Father as “interested and impressed,” and “clearly enjoying it.”

Actually, this foray of the Holy Father into the realm of technology shouldn’t be that surprising.

Not so long back, the Pontiff’s authorization of the Vatican’s ‘YouTube channel’ and ‘Pope2You’ mobile apps had made headlines. The Pope’s encouragement has also witnessed a blog for the Priests.

With the Pope’s endorsement, News.va may prove to be an inspiration for the rest of the Holy See’s electronic communications.

Let’s hope we will see some more glorified tweets in the future.

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