New Golden Eye 007 Title On The Way

June 29, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

The fan favorite First Person Shooter (FPS) Golden Eye 007 might be getting yet another remake. The success of this game is vast and Activision is willing to pick it up and put their own spin on it.

Activision has registered four domains for a project entitled Golden Eye Reloaded, which was discovered on Twitter. These domains include and There has been no official statement from Activision on if they are attempting to remake a Golden Eye game. The publisher had previously released a follow-up to the beloved game that first released on the Nintendo 64 which was released on the Nintendo Wii last year. This port included all of the classic multiplayer modes you loved playing all of those years ago. Golden Eye Reloaded could be a sequel to the recent 2010 release but it is uncertain what Activision plans to do at this time. It’s even a possibility that they’re looking to release Golden Eye Reloaded on other consoles other than the Wii. I see Golden Eye Reloaded making it’s way on the Nintendo 3Ds.

Xbox Live Arcade was rumored to have a release of a Golden Eye 007 port but it was cancelled due to legal issues between Microsoft and Nintendo.

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