Microsoft Win Phone 7 Updates Tango and Apollo May Come Close on the Heels of Mango

June 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the Mango ripe for fall, Microsoft is getting on to the fast lane so that they can get some new updates too on track without much delay. If you would remember, the new Windows Phone update called Mango was stated as expected this fall.

Well, as the Mango hangs on their limb, Microsoft is reportedly going about with developments on their new updates, codenamed Tango and Apollo. Folks at DigiTimes who managed to sneak out some info from Compal Communications have been convinced that the company is inking a deal with the software giant so as to build devices with the Mango inside. The deal is said to be including the next-generation Tango update too.

Now, doesn’t that come as surprise to you? It indeed is for us, considering the fact that Compal Communications is the company that manufactures devices for Acer and Nokia.

With Microsoft not  announcing  anything solid as yet, we are forced to wait for a tad more so that something or the other will be announced soon. We will until then wait to know when the company  is planning to bring on the updates.

Stay with us for more details as we go hunting for more on the new OS.

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