New Alternate Reality Game Halo 4 Related?

June 28, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

One of the biggest announcements during Microsoft’s press conference during E3 2011 was Halo 4. The announcement of the game was a surprise to all but what was even more surprising was that Microsoft and 343 Industries are starting a new Halo trilogy. Halo will always be the franchise that receives the most hype and some give that credit to the world wide success of Bungie and their fine tuning of the Halo franchise. It was not only the gameplay that added to the Halo experience, but the Alternate Reality Games that preceded some of the title. (ILB) and 42 Entertainment were the most known and really caused a stir in the industry and amongst gamers. ILB was an Alternative Reality Game (ARG) that served both as a real world experience and a viral marketing campaign that was commissioned by Microsoft. If you haven’t been to the website recently, now may be the time to check it out again. There’s a brand new countdown.


Much like the viral marketing for Halo 2, ILB has started another A.I. countdown which might be for Halo 4. The timer above counts down to around 5 years which is the same time Master Chief was in Cryogenic sleep after the events of Halo 3.

Upon further investigation, BlastMagazine has stumbled across another website that could also be related to the same Halo 4 phenomenon. The site, TestSubjectsNeeded, may indeed be from the creators of ILoveBees and they’re reporting that it’s registered from the same team that did ILB.

TestSubjectsNeeded takes you through a strange test before you even enter the main site and sign up to become a test subject for an unknown project. On the main page of the site, there is a fly in the upper left hand corner. Clicking on that fly will take you to a website named “Mission Ice Fly.” The website links back to TestSubjectsNeeded and has a counter that will expire in two days.

At Microsoft’s press conference rumors circulated around that they were giving out motorized ice flies. Which may be relevant to “Mission Ice Fly.” When the clock reaches “0”, something else will happen. It’s unknown what will happen, but we can’t wait to see.

At the bottom of Mission Ice Fly Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Portland, Dallas, Washington D.C., Nashville, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, Seattle, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Atlanta are all listed with instructions that follow. The instructions state that when the time reaches “0” they will need a volunteer from each city to follow a signal and there’s only one package available per location.

That’s all the information we have on the matter so far. What do you guys think it is? Is it even Halo related? Let us know  what you think in the comments.

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