BestBuy Online Halts Apple MacBook Air Shipping; Upgrade Rumors Turning True

June 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wonder what’s happening on the MacBook Air terrain at Apple? Though no official statement on an upgrade has come by as yet, we have reasons to tell you that a refresh is, indeed, on the anvil. Going by what we have stumbled upon at the BestBuy website, we think we need to believe that it the upgrade is already happening at Apple labs.

Head for the BestBuy page for MacBook Air, and you are sure that to see the online retailer has stopped shipment of the MacBook Air models. The retailer is believed to be placing dummy SKUs in their system in anticipation of an upgraded version.

Obviously, Apple hasn’t told them anything on that as yet. The “not available for shipping” tag placed on the website clearly explains that BestBuy is not aware as to when exactly the new refreshed MacBook Air would come along. It isn’t just BestBuy, other retailers too are short of stock.

If you would remember, we had earlier been fed with info that stated that a new variant of Apple MacBook Air would come incorporated with Sandy Bridge processors by early July.

With BestBuy already placing all four MacBook Air models on “not available for shipping” mode, we guess we now need to wait for a fresh announcement as tow hen the refresh will arrive.

Rumors flying around thick and fast make us wait for at least one that will roll out without much delay. But then, we don’t have a date to tell you. Join us as we go hunting for some info on possible dates.

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