Use Your Honeycomb Tablet as an e-Reader

June 24, 2011, By Christian Cawley

You might have purchased your Honeycomb tablet to act as a mobile Internet device, or mainly for gaming. You may even have purchased it as a mobile office that enables you to edit documents and sync them with the cloud, or prefer the idea of using the device to facilitate some creative endeavour.

However, did you consider that when you were spending around three times the price of a Kindle or Nook that you device would feature the same e-reading possibilities as these devices?

It’s true – there is a Kindle app available for Android, a useful tool that makes it possible for you to enjoy books whenever and wherever you like. Additionally, other useful apps are available that cover the full gamut of popular reading matter, enabling you to eschew the use of paper, forget about cutting down trees and instead concentrate on reading, with a clear conscience, books, comics and news- and feature-based online content that really interests you.

The following three apps are available for Honeycomb users via the Android Market, and they’re free!

Use Your Honeycomb Tablet as an e-reader

Amazon Kindle

Probably the biggest name in mobile reading, Kindle is both the name of Amazon’s own proprietary e-reader as well as the name for the service that supplies the books to devices. As such they have used the same name for the mobile app, a very useful piece of software that not only provides access to all currently available titles in the Kindle library, but also offers many thousands of classic, out-of-copyright works, such as A Christmas Carol and Pride & Prejudice, to name but a couple.

The Kindle app features a useful browser as well as an auto-bookmarking system, which means that you can resume reading any of your downloaded titles on any Kindle-connected device that you are signed into – not just on your Honeycomb tablet!

Free to download, the Kindle app requires you to sign in to your Amazon account to us it.

Comics from ComiXology

If you’re more interested in snappy dialogue and action sequences than endless prose, but still enjoy reading, perhaps you’re more of a comics fan? If this is the case, the Comics app from ComiXology is probably what you have been looking for.

While not every current comic is available here (that’s a long story that involves DRM, piracy and feverish property protection by some of the biggest names in the industry) those that can be purchased (or downloaded free in the case of many first issues) are displayed with an easy to grasp user interface which is pretty much a case of swiping from right-to-left when you want to move onto the next page.

Pulse Newsreader

For those of you more interested in news and features than books and comics, the Pulse app is an idea tool for keeping up to date with the latest happenings in both mainstream news and niche subjects; in fact, anything that you can find an RSS feed for.

While not strictly an e-reader, Pulse is nevertheless an excellent tool for reading RSS feeds, packaging them into an easy-to-digest, stylish user interface. If your subscribed feeds regularly offer longer content then you will see the benefit of Pulse as an e-reader, but in the main it should be used as a sort of magazine-style RSS news reader, and one that you shouldn’t miss.

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