Installing Apps on Honeycomb Tablets

June 24, 2011, By Christian Cawley

As any Android user will know, finding new apps to use requires you to access the Market, a useful interface with which you can find and install useful apps for your Android device over the air. The Android Market is massive, with new apps being added all the time.

This increase in size has led to the Market being redesigned a couple of times over the past couple of years to make it easier for users to search for apps as well as making it easier for publishers to get their new apps seen.

If you’re new to Android, and your Honeycomb tablet is the first exposure to the Market, while it is easy enough to use most of it will be unfamiliar territory; meanwhile, even if you own an Android mobile phone, the Market interface on your mobile will be very different to the one on your tablet.

Finding and installing apps on Honeycomb tablets

Getting Started with the Market

To first access the Market, you will need to tap the Market icon on your Android Home screen or perhaps in My apps. As long as you are online, the Market interface will open, where you will find a selection of apps listed across the top of the screen and in the lower two thirds; you will see a list of categories on the right.

Both currently displayed lists of apps can be browsed by swiping your thumb or finger across that area of the screen, as can the categories section, while the Search Market box at the top of the screen is provided for you to enter a search term and hopefully find the app that you are looking for.

Finally, the menu button in the top-right corner offers some additional features, such as the ability to add a second account or view your purchase history.

Installing a Honeycomb App from the Market

One word of warning before you start browsing and installing free apps – not all apps are suitable for use with Honeycomb. As the majority of apps are for mobile devices, this should come as no surprise, but this is the reason why many may not look right when you install them. Certain steps have been made by app developers and the Android designers to avoid any serious problems, but it is worth bearing in mind.

However, there is a massive selection of tablet-suitable apps available, many of which will be displayed when you first open the Market. To take advantage of one of these apps, you will of course need to download it (and in the case of a paid app, exchange money), and this is very easily done.

For instance, if you wanted to install Angry Birds Rio, you would open the Market, tap Games on the right and use the Top Free Games link. You should find the game listed (otherwise, use the Search tool) and installation is available via the Install button, which will prompt you to confirm that the game can access the web (there are variations on this confirmation screen, depending on what the app wants to do with your tablet, so keep an eye on these). The process for purchasing is similar, but the Install button is replaced with a Buy button and the credit card you have linked to your Google account is charged.

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