Spykey App Sneaks in on Windows Systems

June 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Next time you type in your Windows system, take care no one is spying on you. The new Spykey app is an application that will transmit every key pressed, in Windows, to your Apple iPhone. Spying applications have always hit a snag for approval, and though some users condone its use, others are so willing. What we need to see is whether Apple is willing to jail it on moral grounds or willing to let it in their iPhones.


But let us tell you, apart from spying, the app can also be put to good use. It can simplify your life and help you avoid problems while working with your computer.

For instance, if you were working on an important document in some word processor and, because of some reason, data loss occurs, the keylogger can fully restore the information from log files to which it writes all the actions of the user.

Secondly you can also use your keyboard logger if you want to know what has been done on your PC during the time you were absent.

The app can also keep your log files alive as long as you need and will automatically delete them after expiration of the specified period of time.

The thing is, the desktop component is speculated to trip anti-virus software, and due to the increasing demand in graphical user interfaces, the legitimate value of key logging will be put to question.

Are you against or for the Spykey app? Let us know.

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