Mother Accused Of Killing 5 Year Old Son After Wii Game Breaks TV

June 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

Gaming related death are some of the worst things that cold ever happen, especially to a small child. We’ve all seen the videos of adults playing an unnecessarily intense game of  Wii bowling and have their TV’s broken. It’s funny, but should never be taken this seriously.

Five year old Jamar Johnson was playing a game on his Wii and has a mishap with the Wiimote and “broke the television” while playing. Mother, Kim Crawford, told police that she hit her son on the chest and back harder than she’s ever hit him.

From strikes that Jamar received, he complained about internal pain and vomited several times over a five day span before he passed away. Kim never took him to the hospital because she was worried they’d see the bruises and get in trouble.

This unfortunately isn’t the first time authorities have been called regarding Crawford. The mother has prior arrests for assault and drug use and the police have been called nine times  since 2006  for “domestic incidents” between Crawford and the father.

Head over to NY Daily News for the complete story.

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