E3 2011 XCOM ScreenShots

June 22, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

XCOM has been around since the early 90’s. All though some of their earlier installments were third person this new revamped game is a first person shooter and is one of the most highly anticipated titles on 2k’s roster of hit games.

XCOM places you in the life of Special Agent William Carter to stop the threat of human extinction from an unknown alien species. What XCOM brings to this classic storyline is that every enemy you encounter is an opportunity to turn the tides of war. Killing this alien menace allows you to capture their technology and turn their weapons against them.


As Special Agent William Carter you lead an elite team of specialized government agents at an attempt to stop the destruction of the human race. Your elite group of agents organize missions and equip weapons in the hidden underground XCOM base. The XCOM base is the center of alien technology research, where you can also build your weapon cache, and choose which agents will accompany you on your next life threatening mission.


The combat of XCOM combines invigorating gunplay and powerful sci-fi abilities. Capturing alien technology and using it for your own survival is one of the key features in XCOM. These aliens have no known weaknesses and modern weapons do not work against your enemy. XCOM also introduces a new special tactical mode that allows you to see the “battlescape” where all possible actions the agents might take are revealed for your command. As you equip your agents with more weapon technology you begin to have a fighting chance against these invaders.


XCOM places you at Mankind’s last stand and it’s up to you to save Earth against an enemy you know nothing about. An enemy that has technology more powerful that what your mind is capable of grasping. Fight back against the invaders March 6, 2012.


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