Call of Duty: Black Ops Limited Edition Coming

June 22, 2011, By Christian Davis

If you still haven’t picked up Black Ops yet, you may want to wait just a bit longer. Gamestop has listed that a bundle Black Ops title is on the way.

The limited edition bundle comes with the First Strike DLC token and will cost you $59.99, the same price as the standard edition. The First Strike DLC comes with four multiplayer maps: Berlin Wall, Discover, Kowloon, and Stadium.Along with the four maps, comes Ascension, the zombie map that takes place in an abandoned Soviet launch facility.

There are several map packs out and if you’ve never bought one, this could be your segway into the realm of Call of Duty based downloadable content. With Modern Warfare 3 coming this November, does this give the possibility of all Black Ops DLC being bundled together later this year? Just an idea.

The Limited Edition copy will be available at all major retailers on June 28th.

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