Apple iPhone 5 to Sport Stronger A5 Chip and 8 MP Camera; iOS 5 Telluride to Power Smartphone

June 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to discussions on the Apple iPhone 5, we know we are in for a huge lot of interesting stuff.  This time too it isn’t different. The latest we hear on the next iteration of the iPhone has something to do with the processing speed the device would come boasting of.

If rumors turn out to be true, the new iPhone 5 will come to our midst this September, with a stronger chip for processing data and a more advanced camera.

That sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Under the iPhone 5 hood will be an A5 processor. If you would remember, the same A5 chip was incorporated into the iPad 2 earlier this year.

Coming to the camera, the iPhone 5 will sport an enhanced 8 megapixel shooter. That’s a sizable jump, compared with the 5-megapixel camera that the iPhone 4 sported.  Though these detailing has not been made public officially, we tend to believe them as Bloomberg has quoted Apple insiders who preferred to remain anonymous.

We also hear that the probable September release date of the iPhone 5 has been charted that way so as to coincide with the roll out of the iOS 5 that was shown by Apple at the WWDC a few days ago.

That could also mean that the new iPhone 5 will sport the iOS 5 operating system. Codenamed ‘Telluride’, the new OS is expected to breathe into the iPhone 5 features such as enhanced messaging and photo-sharing functionalities.

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