Apple iOS-Powered HDTVs Get Set for Launch; Likley Before Fall

June 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We needn’t tell you – yet again –  that Apple  is always hot topic in the rumor horizon. This time around, what we have for you pertains to Cupertino’s television foray. Though not officially out, Apple is said be gearing up to launch their own TV by coupling Apple TV + iTunes into the physical sets. The product could be possibly out before the coming fall, but going by Apple’s high standards, the launch could even be delayed till next year.

An OEM (we think, its Samsung) is expected to provide Apple with the units, and if what we hear is true, the company is geared up for its biggest product launch under their own brand name.

Speculations have arisen, in the past few months, of an Apple Smart TV. The company was rumored to have built a Smart TV prototype last March.  The birth of an Apple HDTV could well put behind the miniature $99 second-generation Apple TV that the company released last fall.

Last year’s product didn’t quite top the market and was considered to be similar to Google’s ‘Internet TV’ project, which too had failed to make an impact. If you remember, Apple had termed the product sales as a ‘hobby’.

With the emergence of internet TVs, people do seem inclined to use them, especially if, as Apple is about to do, apps are included. We know that Google TV has already reined in third party apps and the new iOS-driven TVs are speculated to have them as well.

The price is yet to be confirmed, and could well border near the expensive mark, but for hardcore Apple fans, that shouldn’t be a problem. Now that Apple is on track, we feel this might well be the future of television. The coming years might witness the concurrent growth of iTV alongside the iPad and iPhone. Keep watching.

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