HTC Links Up With Google Goggles for Sensation 4G Ad Campaign

June 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember Google’s much spoken about announcement in November 2010? The year saw the birth of Goggles that allow users to scan an image and then jump to a related website. Since then, a few marketers have used the app in their advertising and marketing communications.

Last year, we saw Google initiating a program with Buick, Disney, Diago, Delta Airlines and T-Mobile using Google Goggles to translate advertising messages. What has just happened can be considered as the next bold stop of the program – a Goggles-enabled campaign from HTC for the Sensation 4G.

The plan was to create a campaign featuring Google Goggles in the US and instigate awareness of their new HTC Sensation 4G smartphone and also to elucidate on the concept of media bridging. Google and HTC have collaborated to promote the program.

Like all the other previous campaigns in the Goggles Marketing experiment, this campaign uses Google Goggles to connect offline media to the mobile web. This allows users to experience and download exclusive music, videos and creative content.

HTC has partnered with prominent artists to get exclusive content available to users who can scan their print outdoor, and TV ads with Google Goggles. HTC intention is however to reach a young and energetic tech-savvy audience in the process. The campaign is being run by agency Deutsch.

To check out how the campaign is progressing, download the Google Mobile App here. What do you have to say about this?

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