Facebook Likes Analyzer iPhone App Lets You Correct Your Mistakes

June 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook freaks, this one might interest you big time. We are sure there have been instances where you first liked and then wondered why you did that at all in the first place while spending your quality time on the social networking domain.

But as you all would know, anything in this big bad world comes with an option to correct mistakes — in case you committed some. Ever wondered why Mark Zuckerberg never thought on those lines?

It’s never too late to come clean and correct your errors. To err is human, after all. And, in this era of Facebook, to correct errors could be divine too. That may be why we have this particular app here on our discussion table.

There isn’t any doubt that there have been many instances where you were forced to like something on Facebook even if you didn’t actually want to. Many pages on Facebook employ tricky tactics in order to make you click the Like button. The bait more often comes with the promise of access to some awesome content inside. Only after you click Like, you would know it was a futile exercise of the worst standards.

Here’s why Facebook Likes Analyzer iPhone App assumes importance in these days of forced likes!  Further, one of the frustrating aspects about Facebook is that there is no simple way to figure out what pages you have ‘Liked’ in the past. In case you need to have a revisit, the only option is to go surfing through Activities, Interests and Other Pages that part of your Facebook Account Settings. That can be a tedious affair, right?

The Facebook Likes Analyzer iPhone App is the easiest trek toward that. The app opens up before you the logos and the pages you’ve Liked in the past and also gives you the option to browse, go to, search and most importantly, to ‘Un-Like’ what you once upon a time Liked.

If you aren’t okay with just that functionality, the Facebook Likes Analyzer iPhone App will also give you an extra sensory perception that will actually let you spy on your friends and see what they Like on Facebook!

Deploying the new app can help you draw a profile of a Facebook friend and browse their Liked Pages so that you can either add those Pages to your list of Liked Pages, or at even warn your friends to stay off a Page they may accidentally Like.

We just wonder why Zuckerberg never thought of the Unlike option in the Facebook domain itself. All said, mistakes are to be corrected, and now you have the app that does that for you.  Go for the app here, and you will know why we like it never to unlike it again.

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