Apple MacBook Air Black Variant Spotted; Sandy Bridge Processor Inside

June 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you have streamed through the recent MacBook Air rumors, you surely are aware that a new model is around the corner. You must have also thought about what all features the new model will be unpacking, right? We have the answer; it looks like we will be seeing some new paint in the visage. Some fresh details suggest that Apple may be planning to release a black MacBook Air.

Surprising it might be, but this is not the first time that we are hearing about a black MacBook Air model. A few months ago, a black model was spotted in an Intel advertisement. As of now, the probable assumption is that the fresh new black MacBook will join the standard MacBook Air color in the next generation refresh.

Not only will the model please your eyes, but will also pack some delightful hardware inside. Add a Sandy Bridge processor and Thunderbolt port to the list. Please do take a look at the photo alongside and tell us if this interests you.

The dubiousness at this point is that we are not sure when exactly the MacBook Air refresh is coming. Will we see it during the summer? Or will Apple keep us waiting until their Fall event in September?

That’s  something that keeps us wondering. We guess we might also be seeing a new iPhone 5, new iPods and probably a third generation iPad device then. What are your expectations regarding the new tinged MacBook? Does it appeal to you or not? Please let us know.

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