Windows 8 New Features Leaked; Virtual Keyboard, SMS and App Store in the Making [Video]

June 20, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As we have already heard, a new build of Windows 8 is raring to come into our midst. A new build of Windows 8 has now been spotted in the wild with an ample amount of new features.

The leaked build sports a metro-inspired virtual keyboard and hints at SMS 3G enabled Windows 8 devices. Other new features include the pre-feature licensing, an App store and Geo-tagging.

Let’s unpack the features one by one here. The all-new Windows 8 virtual keyboard comes with larger keys, predictive text and familiar sounds. The predictive text displays only one word at a time and is located directly below the cursor.

The selection of emoticons has been expanded and comes with special symbols like cafe and coffee. Sounds fun, right?

The keyboard also supports handwriting recognition and allows users to switch between standard and two-handed keyboard layouts.

Microsoft enthusiasts have managed to find strings that may well be hinting at a Windows App Store and along with it the ability to activate or deactivate certain OS features through that store.

The SMS support will also be implemented in the new build, for some strange reasons, many wouldn’t associate SMS feature with Windows devices.

This could be considered as a strong piece of evidence to understand that the new system is not only for PCs. Our gut feeling tells that there’s no reason as to why the 3G capable tablets or netbooks shouldn’t be able to send SMS or even make calls.

For a full demo, hit the play button in the video posted below.

More news is sure to follow after the Professional Developers Conference, scheduled to take place from September 13th to the 16th. Stay tuned ad in the meanwhile let us know your take on this.

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