Playstation Vita Getting Skype

June 20, 2011, By Christian Davis

GameGeneration was attending the Brazilian Playstation conference and noticed something quite cool about the upcoming Playstation handheld. During the conference, Sony displayed one of the several features that the Vita will have and among those was a logo for Skype.

The Brazilian based gaming site took a picture during the press conference and it’s unlikely that this was a discussion of potential features. The PSP had Skype so why wouldn’t the highly anticipated handheld that is said to rival today’s consoles in graphical capability contain Skype?

Though, Microsoft just purchased Skype, it’s not out of the ordinary for a company to continue their business relationship. How many of our readers use Skype? Who of you plan on getting Playstation’s upcoming handheld? Is it looking that the Vita is going to be more of a multimedia device rather than a gaming machine like the original PSP was?

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