New Playstation 3 Model On The Way?

June 20, 2011, By Christian Davis

According to an undisclosed retailer, a new Playstation 3 model is on the way. It was rumored earlier this year and now there seems to be some substance to the rumor. The retailer let slip some details to Andriasang.

The “CECH-3000” model comes with a 320 GB system. It cuts power from 230 watts to 200 and is even lighter weighing only 2.6 kilograms instead of 3. External changes have also been made as well. Though, there was only mention of altercation of power and eject buttons along with the removal of LED lamps.

Supposedly the new model won’t be readily available until the current stock runs out. The new model will run the same price and will hopefully be here sooner than later. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to buy a new PS3 now that this new model is coming. Though there are a lot of bit titles coming this year.

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