Using Tablets and High Definition Content

June 17, 2011, By Christian Cawley

As tablet computers become more and more common, their various capabilities and features become used more regularly.

One such advantage of an iPad (with a suitable adaptor) or an Android Honeycomb tablet (no adaptor required) is the viewing of content downloaded, recorded or otherwise acquired on any high definition TV thanks to an HDMI cable.

This is obviously a major benefit. While the storage of tablet computers doesn’t offer an alternative to Blu-ray for storage of high definition movies and TV, it presents a great way to enjoy various types of content from material recorded on your tablet camera to movies shared by friends and family.

Tablets and High Definition Content

In fact, as tablets become more and more important to the way we manage and share data, it would seem that they are about to become an integral element of digital life.

Recording High Definition Video on a Tablet

Whether you use a Motorola Xoom, some other Android Honeycomb device or an Apple iPad, recording HD video is a possibility that can scale up traditional VGA/QVGA resolutions in favour of something more impressive and long lasting.

There are some that feel that holding a tablet device as a camera to record live footage might look a bit silly – however there are also those that content that having such a large viewfinder is comparable with the Hollywood director experience of a monitor (or bank of monitors in multi-camera sessions) being able to see exactly how the finished product will appear.

Both the iPad and Android Honeycomb devices have video editing tools available too, allowing you to either edit as you go or finish off later when connected to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Download HD Content to Your Tablet

In addition to recording your own HD content, you might opt to download some. YouTube often features content in high definition wherever available, and various apps are available for downloading such material.

Alternatively, you might opt to download content from the BitTorrent network. On Android, this can be achieved via tools such as aTorrent or tTorrent. Note that you are risking action from copyright holders if you take this path, however, so limit yourself to material that is intentionally distributed in this manner by the copyright holders/publishers.

It is also possible to download BitTorrent files on the iPad, although your device needs to be jailbroken to achieve this.

Stream HD Content from a Tablet to Your TV

You can enjoy HD content on your TV by streaming it from your tablet via an HDMI cable. Typically, these cables ship with TVs rather than tablets, but you can pick one up for a few dollars from your local domestic electronics store.

Once your tablet is connected to your TV via the HDMI cable, you can either view the entire display on your TV or any video that is currently playing (this depends entirely on your tablet model an manufacturer).

All you need to do is press play on your tablet media player and make sure your TV is displaying the correct HDMI channel input, then sit back and enjoy the movie!

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