Mortal Kombat Season Pass Coming June 21st

June 17, 2011, By Christian Davis

It seems that a new trend may be starting in terms of DLC. L.A. Noire’s Rockstar Pass lets players pay for all downloadable content at once ahead of time for a discounted price. Warner Bros. Entertainment  has announced that Mortal Kombat will be receiving the same deal through its Season Pass.

With Mortal Kombat’s Season Pass players will receive the bloody ninja Skarlet, available on June 21st, followed by Kenshi, Rain, and an unannounced character.  Along with all characters, you’ll also receive the Klassic Skins for Cyrax and Sektor which are being released the same day Skarlet becomes available.

The Season Pass will cost 1200 Microsoft Points. Unfortunately for Playstation 3 owners, the Season Pass is exclusive to the Xbox 360, but that does not mean they won’t be able to get the DLC.

Of course you could not  get the season pass and pay $4.99 for each character, purchase the skins individually as well and pay more money. Why would you want to do that though?

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