LG Mystery Dual Screen Phone Spotted; Android Device May be Headed for T-Mobile [Image Gallery]

June 17, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A few weeks ago we saw the LG Genesis that  headed for US Cellular, and now we have spotted another strange hardware system in the wild. The T-Mobile-bound Android OS-based LG phone we are talking about looks like a standard smartphone until you slide out the QWERTY keyboard. You will find a second touchscreen and that too right in the middle of the keypad. The unnamed phone most likely would be the continuation of the FLIP series but it’s not confirmed.

The phone was spotted at an event held by Orange and Kineto Wireless in London. The device appeared with a large capacitive touchscreen and a second capacitive touchscreen in the middle of the QWERTY keyboard. The second touchscreen allows you to use 8 dedicated shortcuts, with two of them customizable and the rest coming with default settings.

The model has its resemblance with the LG Quantum/LG Optimus 7Q around the front speaker, and the four touch controls under the screen as we have seen in the LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black.

The camera is on the rear and comes with LED support, but there are no markings to indicate what MP it might pack in. Usually, LG labels their cameras, so we are guessing this isn’t final hardware and the model might still be subjected to some alterations.

Take a look at the photos so that you will  know for yourself of what this unnamed LG phone has in store for you. Tell us your views.

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