E3 2011: Turtle Beach XP500 Hands On

June 17, 2011, By Christian Davis

Turtle Beach is known for high quality gaming headsets. If you check out our PX5 review, you’ll see why the headset is the best possible headset available right now and maybe for the next few years too.At E3, we met up with Turtle Beach and they showed us the new XP500.

This headset is essentially the PX5, but optimized for the Xbox 360. The headset is just as comfortable as the PX5 which means you can game endlessly without it irritating you at all. The audio presets are also included and still come with all of customization that the PX5’s have. Here’s a list of the presets in case you forgot(*Indicated Surround Sound Processing):

  • Flat – Hear Stereo game sound without effects processing or surround sound.
  • *Dynamic Bass Boost – Increases bass volume and gives a true feel for deep sound effects.
  • *Dynamic Treble Boost – Boosts high frequencies, giving sounds more clarity.
  • *Bass Boost and Treble Boost – Combination of bass and treble boost functions.
  • Stereo Expander – Pushes sounds away to allow for subtle cues to be focused on.
  • *Mid Boost – Centers on sounds in mid range frequencies that would normally be lost due to treble or bass.
  • *Footstep Focus – Reduces other sounds and focuses on enemy movement.
  • *Superhuman Hearing –Boosts low volume sounds so nothing is missed.


Aesthetically the headset is the same but instead of red, there’s green highlights on the headset. I think it looks better that way. The biggest change to the headset is the addition of the XBA Bluetooth chat adapter. The PX5, came with a cable that connected the controller to the headset, not truly being wireless. Now with the adapter, the XP500 has absolutely no cables.

Of course a high end headset cost a bit more. The XP500 is $20 more thanks to the XBA Bluetooth adapter, bringing the total to $269.99. You get what you pay for and if you’re going to get a high end headset engineered for the Xbox 360(still works on PS3 as well), go for the XP500.

There’s no set release date on the headset yet, but don’t forget to head over to the XP500 official website for more info.

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